Elizabeth Bugden

Elizabeth Bugden, a Food Safety Consultant and Business Owner of Bugden Solutions, Inc. received the NSF International Leadership Award for Food Safety Education and Training.  Elizabeth designs and delivers dynamic training sessions with interactive, hands-on learning, clear and meaningful objectives, and common sense approaches to meeting requirements and best practices.

Wed. June 8 - Friday June 10 2016

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This course is created by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance, and delivered by the One Food Team.

It is designed to meet the regulatory requirements of the FDA to have a "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual" to create, implement and oversee a Food Safety Plan.

Attendees receive a certificate of attendance from the FSPCA upon completion of the training.  The certificate is jointly signed by the AFDO, IFPTI and IFSH.

Yes, anywhere in America you usually need a car, and you may want one here for convenience.  But it isn't strictly needed!

From the Orlando Airport:

The Radisson operates a shuttle in cooperation with the Cocoa Beach Shuttle.  They offer discounted rates booked through them.  Please contact them directly to coordinate with the time of your arrival and obtain the best rates.

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