At (a nationally branded provider of baked beans), conducted vulnerability assessments on multiple sites using the FDA CARVER + Shock software tool, and created food defense plans based on best practices, company culture and a consensus among company participants.  This resulted in a common approach across the organization, and full adherence to the anticipated requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

At (a major value-added salad producer), selected and led a team of experts in the evaluation and gap analysis of the company’s HACCP system across all salad facilities for purposes of strengthening and defending overall food safety and risk mitigation programs.  Developed customized analysis and reporting tools.  Prepared and presented integrated assessment report and future recommendations.

At the CDC, managed and executed the CDC priority to prevent food borne illness in schools by launching a nation-wide disease prevention program: The Food-Safe Schools Action Guide.  Facilitated workshops/ professional development sessions for target audiences [School Nurses, Principals, School Foodservice Staff, and Parent] amounting to greater than eighteen thousand attendees in eight years.

At (more than one national manufacturer), led their nation-wide food safety initiatives to prevent food borne illness and assisted with certifying food and beverage plants in (Safe Quality Foods (SQF).