At (a major beverage company), built a concentrate juice tank-farm, retrofitted into an existing facility.  The project included construction of an insulated shell, new floors, additional refrigeration as well as all tanks, pumps and valves.  The result was an increase in working capacity, on time, on budget and with clean swabs and samples from day one.

At (a multi-national juice company), introduced mix-proof valves to automate a juice feed system while adding flexibility and improving cleanup.  The result was improved juice yield of 1-2%.

At (a major Florida citrus operation), invented a modification to improve the cleanup of TASTE evaporators specifically to improve the cleaning of the final product line.  Using a mix-proof valve and standard valves to reroute the condensate water path, this increased the flow-rate in the final product line by a factor of over 5.  The result was improved sanitation scores and a reduction in cleanup time.