At (a globally distributed beverage producer), analyzed an existing failed process automation project provided by a global automation hardware supplier.  This required review of process requirements, hardware selection and control system architecture to propose a solution for the client.  We quickly identified incompatible firmware among the many communication devices installed.  We were able to take corrective actions for immediate impact and then provide a viable solution based on proven technology and compatible hardware and software.  With no single-source architecture suitable to the problem, we used hardware from multiple automation manufacturers to provide the solution to their needs.

At (a major food producer), provided entire facility automation and integration.  This included design and development of the automation from receiving and handling of bulk raw materials to batching and processing to forming and converting to integration of OEM packaging equipment all the way to the warehouse automation high-speed sortation and robotic palletizing of finished product from 6 separate production lines.  It also included integration from plant floor controls to MES applications for OEE, yield reporting, inventory reporting, case labeling and product scheduling.  The entire system was a multi-year, multi project solution starting with developing a strategy for integration.  There were over 50 PLC/PAC controllers, 100's of servos, 1000's of drives, and other Ethernet connected devices brought together for a fully automated and highly flexible manufacturing facility.

At (a USDA regulated facility), designed and built a custom depositor for a fresh food item.  No commercial solution was available for handling this product and the existing equipment used caused extensive product damage.  Our custom solution integrated handling, sorting, metering and depositing into a thermo-form package.  The system allowed for flexible package counts from branded 2 pack and 6 pack and bulk packages of 10, 18 and 24 pack counts.  The entire system is IP69K wash-down with both CIP and COP parts for rapid changeover.  Rates of over 300 parts per minute were achieved.