At a global Food Supply organization, responsible for increasing efficiency of Fruit packing line.  Using tools including time study, video analysis and process mapping, was able to identify more efficient design for packing cut fruit into small CPG containers.  Went from a continuous assembly line to a U shaped work cell.  Productivity increase was 300%.

At a global Textile organization, reducing minor stops on highest volume product line in facility.  Using tools including 5 why and PM Analysis(Phenomenon-Mechanism Analysis), was able to identify cause of the top 3 causes for Minor stops.  This resulted in 90% reduction in minor stops, 70% reduction in customer complaints and 10% increase in OEE.

At (a global manufacturing company), responsible for deploying the Supplier Qualification Program across the Global Vendor Tooling Team supply base.  The program included conducting business and operational health assessments, industry capacity consolidation, and coordinating the executive and management reporting process.  Over 80 supplier assessments were conducted globally across North America, Europe, and Asia.

At a global Food Supply organization, responsible for increasing effectiveness and efficiency of corporate sanitation program. Using tools including processs mapping and work sampling, was able to identify best practices eliminate non value added practices.  Additionally was able to reduce consumption of water and  cleaning chemicals at a substantial savings to the company.  This was all done in collaboration with the corporate & regional Food Safety team.

At (a national producer), developed capacity and bottleneck analysis models, executing projects to complete the analysis nationwide.  This resulted in simple and low-cost de-bottlenecking projects that postponed millions of dollars in expansion by over a year and spawned numerous follow-up projects that further enhanced capacity.